Area 2

The Kitchen

Projects: Food preparation and art projects take place in this room. The kitchen offers a variety of art mediums to help strengthen small muscle and hand-eye coordination: clay, play dough, scissors, glue and various textured medium. A writing center is available for children to practice using a writing instrument.

Snack: The parent responsible for the kitchen also prepares a nutritious snack for all the children. The snack consists of a protein source, a carbohydrate and a fruit or vegetable. Multicultural snacks are common here and the children get a fabulous exposure to many different types of healthy foods.

Allergies/Special Diets: There are pictures and detailed descriptions of the children with food allergies and special dietary requirements. The school is a "NO NUTS" zone. Multiple precautions are taken to double check food trays (by 3 adults) before putting food in front of children.

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