Area 3

Science room and doll/role-playing room

Science Room: In the science room, parents are encouraged to prepare and present simple science experiments to heighten the children's interest and exposure to science. Children enjoy experiments in static electricity, water density, color explosions, fossil identification, animal care, puzzles, pattern recognition, insect biology and sorting. The school's pets live here too.

Library: This room is also the school library which contains hundreds of books for the children to enjoy.  For the PMers, the child whose parent is working in area 3 can become the "author of the day". There is a story box with stickers. The child dictates a story to the parent and decorates each page with colorful stickers and/or drawings. Children learn about the process of making a book, as well as the meaning of the words: author, illustrator, and title --all important literacy concepts.

Doll Room: The doll room is actually a play house with a loft, kitchen, crib, table and chairs. Children are able to transform themselves into their favorite heroes and heroines with dress-up clothes, shoes, hats, capes, and many accessories (jewelery, magic wands, etc).

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