First Circle Time


Circle time begins with everyone gathering around in the front room and enjoying a bit of music movement. Everyone follows the fun movements specified in a song, like moving their fingers and turning around.

Once the music is over, everyone sits down. The child whose parent is working in the front room does the weather report.  Children not only learn about the weather, but they also develop the self confidence to speak in front of a group and learn to listen while others speak.

In the AM group, the director goes over the calendar. The children learn about the months and the days of the week from one to thirty-one.

In thePM group, there is more preparation for kindergarten.  These children also learn about yesterday, today, tomorrow and patterns in numbers. They also learn the days of the week in sign language.

Each parent-teacher or their child describes for the group the day's activity for each area in the school:  front room, kitchen, science room, back yard and front yard. This way the children get an overview of the fun possibilities awaiting them each day.

The director dismisses the group by having the children point to different parts of their body ideally assuring that the children cross their midline. This allows the two hemispheres of the brain to communicate and slows the kids down before they rush off to have some fun. As the children learn to read their names, the director dismisses each child by holding up names on cards. As the child sees his or her name flash up, he/she leaves the circle to "slowly find some fun."

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