Snack Time


Children are divided into four groups, each group sitting around a table with a parent.

The parents read two or three books. One parent is a floater who fills in where needed and delivers snack trays to the other four parent/child groups.

Snacks consist of a carbohydrate, a protein, a vegetable or fruit group, and water (not juice). Special dietary needs of each children are noted and special care is taken to ensure any food allergies are accounted for. No nuts or foods containing nuts or seeds are allowed at CVPNS.

The children actively participate in serving the foods and beverages. The parent engages the children in conversations, developing their social skills and appropriate table manners.

Children learn to clean up after themselves when they finish their snack. They also learn the difference between biodegradable/compostable waste, recyclables, and trash. CVPNS participates in the Castro Valley Sanitation District’s green food waste recycling program.

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