Unique Events

Special Events

Our preschool community puts on several special events during the year, events that create amazing memories with magical settings that are not found typically in preschools.

Halloween Party: The first special event is the Annual Halloween Party. Parents build an unhaunted maze out of huge cardboard boxes.  The school is fully decorated with spider webs, tactile games are created for children to play with, and costumes are worn by both the children and the parents, making this evening fun and memorable for all.

In the spring, we have three annual traditions that truly set our preschool apart.

Cowboy Day: Cowboy Day coincides with the start of the annual Rowell Ranch Rodeo. The entire preschool community meets at East Avenue Park in Hayward dressed in our cowboy best. We cook pork and beans, eat out of metal plates with metal forks, go on a rattlesnake hunt, read a cowboy story and learn about the many ways to use a bandanna. When families that own horses are part of the community, we are lucky to have multiple horses at the event that day, including one for the children to ride if they wish.

Cowboy Day is immediately followed by the Castro Valley Rowell Ranch Rodeo parade. All families are encouraged to ride the preschool float and wave to the community. Our school has won first place in our category in seven out of the ten years we have participated! This is largely due to the collective creativity of the parent community in preparing the float’s artwork. Families are required to participate in decorating the float, setting it up the morning of the parade and cleaning up the float after the parade.

Circus: We end May with the Annual Circus at the school, transforming our facility into a carnival of fun, with cotton candy and popcorn-making machines, clowns making twisty balloon animals, a petting zoo, a huge big top and acts starring the children. The director leads two weeks of circus practice with the children in the acts in which they choose to participate: strong men, ballerinas, gymnasts, wild animals, animal trainers, snake charmers and more. On Circus day, they become confident performers, earning big applause from the loving audience.

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