Commitment & Responsiblities

This list represents the minimum requirement for all families at the Castro Valley Parent Nursery School. Partial funding by the Castro Valley Adult School, combined with fund-raising by the members, and parent participation in the operation and maintenance of the preschool helps to keep tuition low.

As a member of the Castro Valley Parent Nursery School, each family's commitment includes the following:

  • One three hour morning or afternoon a week teaching under the guidance of the professional Teacher-Director. (Parents who are able are encouraged to be available to substitute for other parents when needed.)
  • As a basis for the preschool's funding, the Castro Valley Adult School requires that parents attend a certain numbers of meetings per quarter. There are many ways to fulfill these meeting credits. If both parents and/or support person attend, 2 meetings credits are credited.
    • Wednesday evening meetings from 7 to 9 pm. These meetings make up the bulk of the credits. They include monthly business meetings to discuss the budget, fundraisers, school event calendar; meetings on early childhood development or parenting the preschooler which are presented by either the director or a guest speaker.
    • Board Meetings. These take place on the 4th Tuesday of the month from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm.
    • East Bay Council meetings.
    • California Council meetings.
    • Work and attend the annual Halloween Party.
    If the parents cannot earn enough meetings credit from above methods, two makeup meeting credits can be earned:
    • Attend special conferences that have been approved and write a report.
    • Attend non-working parent day at the school.
    • Go on field trips.
    • Observe the children and write a report.
  • Four hours of school maintenance work are required annually from each family. Hours can be earned participating in a variety of school related maintenance tasks as organized by the maintenance chairperson and co-chairperson. Recent maintenance projects have included replacement of all sand in the sandbox and tan back in the front and back yards.
  • Three snack credits are required per year. The parents can provide snacks for weekly Wednesday evening meetings, board meetings, or open house.
  • Families are required to participate in two fundraising events. Fundraising events vary from year to year, but have included in the past the annual spaghetti feed, casino night and silent auctions. The school has also participated in community events such as Thanksgiving food drive, Christmas toy drive and present wrapping, Rotary's Christmas in April where many people help clean and repair homes for needy families in the community for an entire weekend in April. An annual tradition and community event is the Castro Valley Rodeo parade. All families are encouraged to ride the floats and wave to the community. The school has won first prize in this event in six out of the nine years it has participated!!! Families are also encouraged to participate in decorating and cleaning up the float before and after the event.

The benefits of the cooperative preschool experience are directly related to the individual and collective efforts of all the families who desire a participatory environment in the education of their children. You will discover that you want to do more just because you want more for your children.