Teacher Appreciation Week

With Teacher Appreciation Week happening last week, we wanted to recognize the incredible work and dedication of our teachers at CVPNS (and everywhere else too!) They play a vital role in the lives our children and our community, creating a safe and stimulating environment where our students can learn and grow. As part of a co-op, our teachers wear many hats, from educator to caregiver to nurturer to friend, and their impact on our students’ lives is immeasurable.

One of the greatest gifts of our teachers is their ability to connect with our young students. They know how to make learning fun and engaging, using creative techniques to capture students’ attention and keep them excited about learning. They understand the importance of hands-on experiences and play-based learning, including encouraging exploration and curiosity. For some families, preschool may be the first time students have been outside the care of family and close friends, a fact that our teachers never forget.

Our teachers also provide a vital foundation in creating a lifetime love of learning. They help prepare students for the future, setting them on a path towards success in their academic and personal lives. They create a safe and nurturing environment where students develop important social skills like taking turns, caring for others, and cooperation.

To truly appreciate the work of our teachers, we must understand the importance of early childhood education. Longtime readers of the blog know that research has shown that children who attend high-quality preschool programs are more likely to succeed in school and in life. They are more likely to graduate from high school, attend college, and earn higher wages as adults. While there are many definitions of success, these are certainly some positive milestones for any family.

Teacher Appreciation Week is a time we at CVPNS take to celebrate the hard work and dedication of our teachers. While there’s no way we could possibly sum up everything they do for our students and our community in a simple blog post, but we hope they know how deeply we appreciate their kindness, their dedication, and most of all, their compassion and unending devotion to helping each and every one of our students learn and grow each day. Thank you teachers!

Spring is Here!

The arrival of spring at CVPNS brings with it a sense of excitement and anticipation. Despite the seemingly never-ending April January-March showers, there’s so much to look forward to. Our calendar is filled with new events and time-honored traditions that bring our community of students and parents together.

  • Our annual Spring Picnic is just around the corner. This fun-filled day includes games, crafts, and a potluck-style lunch that all but guarantees even the pickiest of tummies will be full. The Spring Picnic is a great way for the entire school to get outside and have fun together.
  • For those who love a bit of mischief, Leprechaun Day was once again a success (for the leprechauns, anyway). Students built their own leprechaun traps and left them around the school in hopes of catching one of the little, green-clad mischievous creatures. Unfortunately, none were caught this year, but the creativity and thought process behind the trap creation was a wonderful (and fun) way to integrate a little STEM into St. Patrick’s Day.
  • Our AM& PM class parents recently came together for our annual Parents Night Out fundraiser. Dressed as their favorite reality stars, parents got to celebrate with dinner, drinks, dancing, and a silent auction fundraiser for the school. It was a great way to enjoy an evening with a group of people that understand just how rare a night out (without the kids!) can be.
  • The annual CVPNS Carnival is coming soon, so you may start to see some wild animals, acrobats, dancers, and other performers around town. Each year, students select what act they want to perform in, and with coaching and guidance from the directors, learn their act (which is then performed in front of the entire school and parents). It’s all of the fun of a regular circus, just infinitely more adorable.
  • And last but certainly not least is our Family Science Night. This thrilling educational evening included something for everyone – from interacting with live bugs to making an arthropod take-home craft. And don’t worry squeamish parents – students were there to make sure the adults didn’t don’t get too scared.

In addition to these exciting events, CVPNS also offers many other opportunities for students and parents alike to get involved in our community. As you can see, there’s always something going on at CVPNS. We hope you’ll join us as we celebrate spring together!

Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten Readiness – They’re Big Kids Now!

At CVPNS, we understand that the transition from preschool to TK/kindergarten is one of the first of many transitions students will take on their education journey. One of the essential steps in this process is encouraging independence. Students who are independent are more likely to feel confident and capable in their new school environment. While each child’s needs must be tailored to their development, here are a few ideas that can help with the transition to “big kid school”:

  • Teaching Self-Help Skills: Self-help skills are essential for students to become more independent. Teaching students how to put on their shoes and jackets, pack their bags (including zipping up their lunch bags/backpacks), and use the bathroom alone are all important skills that will help them feel more capable and prepared for the expectations of kindergarten.
  • Encouraging Decision-Making: Encouraging students to make decisions helps foster independence. This is a core aspect of the CVPNS experience, as students are free to choose how they spend their time – whether it’s participating in science projects, creating artwork, or just playing with other students outside, CVPNS allows them the freedom to make their own choices.
  • Setting Clear Expectations: As a parent co-op school, CVPNS has a variety of strategies to ensure that everyone at the school – teachers, parents, and students – all have a clear understanding of what is expected. In doing so, students learn by example as they see teachers and parents working together and encouraging them to do the same.
  • Practicing Patience: As all parents know, encouraging independence can be a long process (but also, somehow, an extremely short one as well), and we understand how important it is to practice patience. While not always easy, remaining patient as students work through problems on their own is an invaluable skill for both parents and students.
  • Allowing for Mistakes: A related aspect of patience is allowing for mistakes. While we all know (but often forget) that mistakes are a natural part of the learning process, it’s important to encourage students to learn from their mistakes and to keep trying. This helps them develop a wide range of important life skills, including problem-solving skills and resilience.

Encouraging independence is an essential step in preparing students for TK or kindergarten. By teaching and focusing on some of these important skills, teachers and parents can help students develop the independence they need to succeed in kindergarten and beyond. Remember to be patient, supportive, and to celebrate the successes along the way!