Co-op Preschool Commitments

  • Weekly workday shift at preschool (8:30-12pm for AM class, 12:30-4pm for PM class)
  • Attend all mandatory parent education meetings, monthly Wednesdays 7-9:30pm
  • Fulfill assigned school committee job (~4 hours per month)
  • Complete 4 hours of annual maintenance at school annually
  • Complete 4 hours of housekeeping/cleaning at school annually
  • Minimum fundraising of $150 per family

Co-op Membership Benefits

Being part of a cooperative preschool is a lot of work – it can seem especially daunting in the beginning. Though it is not the right fit for all families or all seasons of life, the co-op experience is often tremendously fulfilling! At this age, children primarily learn through play that helps foster creativity, social-emotional skills, and learn that school is a fun experience that carries them for years. 

Parents enjoy the rare opportunity to witness and influence their child in the classroom, receive ongoing support and feedback from early education specialists, and build friendships that often last for years. Many families have a deep loyalty to the preschool and return as alumni families with subsequent children.

Children leave the co-op ready to tackle the challenges of kindergarten, and parents retain parenting skills and techniques which will serve them long after their preschooler has graduated.