Daily Schedule

The morning session is for children ages 3 to 4 year olds.  Called: “AMers”.

The afternoon session is for children ages 4 and 5 year-old (pre-kindergarteners). Called: “PMers”.

AM Schedule PM
8:30 Work Day Parents Arrive:  Set Up Projects & Assigned Areas 12:30
8:45 Children arrive, school starts 12:15
9:00 Opening circle: songs, calendar, projects introduced (in front room) 1:00
9:15 Circle dismissed: projects & free choice play (PM: work stations twice a week) 1:15
10:15 Clean up & wash up for snack time: story time at snack tables 2:15
10:25 Snack 2:25
10:40 Free Choice Play 2:40
11:30 Closing circle: freeze dance/song/day review (in front room) 3:30
11:45 Children depart: school day ends
Work day parents finish area jobs, clean up, talk time with the work day team
12:00 Work day parents depart 4:00

Starting in the 2021-2022 school year, class time will be offered Tuesday through Friday, each day staffed by six parents and a director. The schedule may change due to special occasions like birthdays, picture day, guest speakers, fireman visit, Santa Claus visit, Easter Bunny, Teddy Bear Tea, etc.

Below is the schedule for the home-based stream during COVID-19 operations.

9 A.M.CVPNS all home-based kids circle time live Zoom
9:30 A.M.Small home pod group time live Zoom (1st group)
10 A.M.Snack time/play time/curriculum bag activities/other google classroom activities 
11 A.M.Art/special activity live Zoom
11:30 A.M.Small home pod group time live Zoom (2nd group)
12 P.M.Closing circle (pre-recorded video)
AfternoonFree choice from extra google classroom links