Daily Schedule

The morning session is for children ages 3 to 4 year olds.  Called: “AMers”.

The afternoon session is for children ages 4 and 5 year-old (pre-kindergarteners). Called: “PMers”.

Charlene (1)

AM Schedule PM
8:45 Work Day Parents Arrive:  Set Up Projects & Assigned Areas 12:15
9:00 School Starts -Circle Time, Front Room Songs, Calendar, Projects Introduced 12:30
9:15 Circle Dismissed- AM & PM:  Projects & Free Choice Play (PM: work stations twice a week) 12:45
10:20 Start Clean up & Wash Up for Snack Time, Book Reading @ tables 1:40
10:30 Snack Time 1:50
10:30 Snack Ends, Free Choice Play 2:00
11:20 Freeze Dance/Story Time in Front ROom 2:50
11:30 School Ends
Workday Parents Finish Area Jobs, Processing/Talk Time
11:45 End of School for Work Day Parents- Finish Clean Up 3:15

The schedule may change due to special occasions like birthdays, picture day, guest speakers, fireman visit, Santa Claus visit, Easter Bunny, Teddy Bear Tea, etc.