A Race to the Finish Line!

With just over a month left in the school year, the CVPNS community is making sure every last moment is filled with as many enriching activities and moments destined to become memories as possible! The students, teachers, and parents have worked together to create a wonderful series of events over the next month. Here are just a few:

– Picnic, Part II: Due to a much-needed (but poorly timed) spout of rain, the spring picnic with the AM and PM class was postponed, but spirits are even higher now for the entire school to come together for the first time all year. 

– Parents Night Out: One of the core goals of CVPNS is to help foster a greater sense of community. And as we all know, sometimes that requires a little “adults only” time! Our annual Parents Night Out event not only serves as a way for parents to spend time together outside of school (and the presence of our little ones), but it’s also a great fundraiser for the school. As a non-profit co-op, CVPNS relies on parent volunteers and donations to provide the extraordinary level of play-based education. We’re looking forward to spending some time together at the TwiningVine Estate Winery this month! 

– The CVPNS Carnival: Wild animals? Acrobats? Ballet dancers and danseurs? Strong people?? The CVPNS Carnival will have it all and more!  As a play-based school, the Carnival serves as a focal point for learning while playing, including the importance of practice, working together in groups and teams, and learning how to imagine yourself in different role.  

– Parent Education: Another core aspect of the CVPNS experience is our adult education component. Each month, parents and teachers gather (sometimes virtually when needed) to learn and discuss important aspects of the parenting experience. While it may be one of the oldest clichés out there that there’s no instruction manual for raising kids (the author apologizes for even bringing it up!) these education seminars are a vital aspect of the CVPNS cooperative experience. Recent seminar topics include sibling rivalries, building skills to positively respond to negative behavior, and the importance of creating daily schedules. 

Whew!  It’s certainly an exciting time at CVPNS. With summer just around the corner, we’re making sure we use every last minute to further strengthen the bonds of our community and build friendships that will last for years to come. See you soon!

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