So Many Ways to Learn

As a play-based nonprofit founded over 70 years ago, CVPNS has numerous school traditions that were created with input from a diverse array of community members (including some parents that attended CVPNS when they were kids!) and staff members. Here are a few traditions that students participated in recently:

Teddy Bear Tea – Teddy Bear Tea is a timeless CVPNS tradition. Students come to school dressed in their finest afternoon tea attire and get to use real plates and cups (as well as bring a stuffed friend along to enjoy the gathering). While it’s a fun time for all involved, a great deal of learning is also happening. Students are learning new social skills, understanding how to interact in a slightly more formal setting, and (hopefully) learning the importance of manners in a fun and “special day” way. All while enjoying (caffeine-free) tea and crackers!

Stone Soup – Stone Soup is another wonderful CVPNS tradition. Each year, students bring in a vegetable from home that is contributed to the class pot of “Stone Soup.” There is an endless array of learning happening – students get to see and compare what vegetables they brought (and perhaps try something new they haven’t been exposed to before); they get to see first-hand the power of collaborative effort; and they get to observe a real-life “melting pot” that they helped create. Plus, any time rocks are involved, you know kids will be interested! Stone Soup fits into the larger theme of “how things used to be,” where students learn how things used to be, how they have changed, and how they have gotten better over time.

Ice Cream Voting – Ice Cream Voting is a fantastic introduction to the democratic process. Students make posters for their favorite ice cream flavors, and bring them in to present to the rest of the class. In doing so, they learn how different people have different viewpoints and preferences and how that leads to collective decision-making. On the following day (which just happens to be Election Day for us grownups), students get to vote on their favorite flavor. The winning flavor is then served during the second half of class (after a kindly parent volunteer makes a quick trip to the grocery store). It’s a great way to help children learn about voting and is far more delicious than anything on this year’s ballot!

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning a little more about what makes CVPNS such a wonderful preschool for students to learn and grow through play, interaction, and even the occasional poster board sign for rainbow sherbet ice cream. If you’d like to learn more about the school, you know where to find us!

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