The Power of Music

Music is a core aspect of daily life at CVPNS. Any adult that’s been exposed to a child that recently learned a new song knows how much children inherently love to share music (and often at full volume). And while it’s certainly fun for CVPNS students, music plays an important educational role as well. Music has many positive benefits for preschoolers as they learn and develop. Here are just a few examples of how music can help young children:

  • Improving language skills: Music can help students develop language skills by exposing them to new words and phrases. Singing songs with students helps them learn new vocabulary, improve pronunciation, and develop their ability to understand and express themselves.
  • Encouraging creativity: Music is a great way to encourage creativity. Playing instruments, singing along to songs, creating their own songs, and dancing all help build imagination and creativity.
  • Building social skills: Music is also great way to helping students develop social skills. Singing and playing music with other CVPNS students, especially with instruments, helps them learn how to take turns and work together to create something they couldn’t have done on their own.
  • Improving motor skills: Playing instruments and dancing to music can also help develop fine and gross motor skills. Students learn how to coordinate their movements and use their hands and feet in new ways.
  • Emotional development: Music can also help students understand and express their emotions. Listening to music can help them identify and understand different emotions, and making music can help them express their own feelings.
  • Cognitive development: Music can help develop cognitive skills, including memory and attention. Listening to and playing music can improve their ability to focus, as well as their ability to remember information.
  • Cultural awareness: Music is also a great way to introduce students to different cultures and traditions. Listening to music from around the world helps them learn about different cultures and appreciate the diversity of the world around them.

As with all aspects of CVPNS, we understand that the role of parents is equally important. At our recent parent education night, we discussed the importance of music and dance, and even had a chance to practice a little ourselves. In addition, we recently had a community night where parents and students came together to sing and dance. It was an enjoyable night, and helped reinforce one of the most important aspects of music and children – it doesn’t matter how you sing, just that you do it!

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