All That We Are Thankful For

In the spirit of the upcoming holiday season, here are just a few things we at CVPNS are thankful for this year:

  • Watching children play: Whether it’s watching children creating their own games, playing together cooperatively, or seeing the pure delight in their faces as they run, there’s something indescribably joyous about watching students learn about the world through play.
  • The opportunity to help others: A core tenet of CVPNS’ cooperative focus is helping others. We understand the importance of instilling the value of community and helping others, and each month the school hosts a Community Service Day. Recent examples include a beach cleanup at San Leandro Marina, collecting and donating items to Ruby’s Place, an emergency shelter in Hayward, and creating homemade toy projects to donate to the Hayward Animal Shelter.
  • Friendship: The process of building friendship when you’re four years old is very different (and, arguably, far easier) than when you’re 34. One of the many little joys we get to see each day is friendships forming and strengthening between the students.
  • The chance for everyone to learn: Anyone that spends enough time around children will be amazed at how quickly they learn. This can be a gradual progression or a quick lesson in mimicry (especially if you’re stuck in traffic with them!) While the focus at CVPNS is on the growth and development of our students, we also have a longstanding concentration on parent education. While it is often said that there’s no instruction manual for raising children, our school provides both scheduled and ad hoc opportunities for parents to learn more about our incredible children. Recent sessions focused on the all-important issue of sleep, positive parenting, and positive behavior guidance. It’s a great chance to meet with other parents, share tips and tricks, and learn about ourselves as well.
  • Creating memories: Although the experiences of our students, parents, and teachers are all very different, there is one commonality: we are all creating incredible memories.

We’ll be posting more regularly on our blog going forward and would love to answer any questions you have about the school or joining our community. Thanks for stopping by!

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