The Most Wonderful Time of Year

While the holidays will once again look very different this year, the CVPNS community – like all parents these days – is striving to create a festive holiday season for our students. The pandemic, if anything, has made it all the more important to create (and continue) family traditions around the holidays. During a recent parent education night, we discussed the many enriching aspects of traditions, and discussed ways that these traditions can help strengthen our families and our wider community. 

While there are countless ways to celebrate, here are just a few of the ways CVPNS is helping create memories:

  • Creating Handmade Gifts: As all parents of toddlers and young children know, there are an incredible number of projects that are created and proudly hung on the refrigerator every week. This certainly holds true at CVPNS, where the cooperative nature of the organization really shines. Parents and students work together to create projects and gifts that will last far longer and carry more importance than a new sweater. One recent example includes a handprint keepsake to help us remember just how small (and incredible) our students are. 
  • A Visit from Santa: While a visit with Santa has long been a holiday mainstay, the pandemic has certainly made it more difficult. As has long been a tradition at CVPNS, Santa (who happens to be a member of the CVPNS co-op)  stopped by the school this week and gave each child a brand new book, hand-selected just for them. 
  • Giving Back: One of the most important aspects of CVPNS is our community-based focus. As a nonprofit ourselves, we understand the difficulties facing the wider Bay Area. This year, we partnered with Castro Valley Outreach, a local nonprofit that reaches out to families during times of need. CVPNS adopted a family and purchased gifts on their behalf, as we do each year. We are also collecting donations for a large, bulk donation in January. This is a great way to not only help tidy before (and after!) the holidays, but an excellent lesson for our students on the importance of passing on clothes, toys, and games that are ready for a new family to use and enjoy. 

We hope you have a warm, joyous, and most importantly a safe holiday season.  We are excited about 2022 and have so many events and activities planned (not to mention the day to day joy of watching children learn and grow in a play-based environment) and we certainly look forward to sharing those experiences with you! 

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